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There are many different ways to build your following on the many social platforms that exist, so it’s always good to know about the various options that are available to you.

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And now, let’s learn about the power of user generated content on Instagram.

Various brands have realized the significance of Instagram as a marketing tool. Creating quality content is the key for increasing the reach and engagement on Instagram, and many online businesses are continuously using it.

However, very few of them understand what user-generated content (UGC) is. Nowadays, about 80% of online content is user-generated. Users like to produce videos and photos in connection with the brands they like. However, brands never capitalize enough on this.

User Generated Content – Best Friend of Marketers

While struggling to create quality content on regular basis, most content marketers forget that more than 50 million photos are posted and shared every day on Instagram. Some of these photos will be related to their brand, and be of high quality.

Brands should reward and encourage UGC for the following reasons:

  • Trust: user generated content is trustworthy, as it is posted by the customer. It resonates more with others compared to content created by the brand itself.
  • Cost-effective: user generated content is cost-effective, and you never need to spend any cash to produce or promote it.
  • Increasing reach: the biggest advantage of UGC is that it helps in increasing the reach of the content. The more users are creating content related to your brand, the more people it will reach.
  • Loyalty: UGC content is created by loyal users who care about and like your brand.

Encouraging User-Generated Content on Instagram

The first thing as a business you need to do is encourage users to post content related to your brand on their Instagram accounts. You also need to monitor it using appropriate hashtags.

Oftentimes, users will use your brand name like so: #brandname. But if you want to collect videos and photos around a particular campaign, then you have to create specific hashtags that have not been previously used. Once you have chosen a hashtag, make sure to share it with other users.

There are many ways to stimulate UGC on Instagram, and it largely depends on your goals and budgets. Having more than 400 million users posting content and photos each day, the below data gives a clear view on why one needs to employ Instagram strategies.

Instagram for Business

Successful UGC campaigns need a creative strategy for motivating users to take part, and you need the right tool to monitor the entries too.

Another way to stimulate UGC is to initiate Instagram contests. By holding an Instagram contest, you are encouraging users to design quality content about your brand as well as your products.

Now once the contest is set, all you have to do is monitor and moderate the entries so that you can moderate the images. This is quite easy, and there are many different tools you can use to achieve this end. For inspiration, you can check out the various Instagram contests that are already happening online.

In addition, there is another efficient and simple method to stimulate UGC. You can feature the best user-generated content on your social profiles.  By using these platforms, you can reward users for their loyalty and show them that you are grateful for their participation.


If you’ve decided to run an Instagram contest, try to secure a great prize. The prize is an important aspect and it is the motivating factor that attracts users to take part in the contest. The prize does not have to be expensive, and can be brand related. Most of the time, recognition can be regarded as the best price that you can provide.

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