Why ‘Spin-Off’ Videos Based on Written Blog Content Can Help Distribution
Have you ever created a video that is based on content published on your blog?

It need not be anything too elaborate, but briefly cover the same basic points.

The video could even be in the style of a slideshow – accompanied by a voiceover as well as background music.

Why Create Such a Video?

If you’re wondering why you would ever want to do that – think about it for a second.

The fact that the blogging landscape has changed remarkably over the last few years is undeniable, and visual mediums have grown in popularity.

While some naysayers are already predicting that blogging is dead, the fact of the matter is that well-written content is still in demand.

The only problem is that many blogs are being drowned out by videos and images that are able to garner much more attention on social media.

While some blogs are able to gain traction for their content with Facebook Notes or LinkedIn, it generally doesn’t hold a candle to the distribution of a good video.

But by creating a video based on your blog’s written content – you can use it to promote that content.

In other words, your spin-off video will be a teaser that contains an abbreviated version of your blog’s content and it will invite the audience to read the content if they’re interested in knowing more.

Considering there are so many platforms where you can publish video content, it will open up several new avenues for you to generate traffic.

It goes without saying that YouTube and Facebook are going to be near the top of your list – but recently both Twitter and Instagram have started supporting videos too.

Granted, not all content is suitable to be used as the basis of a spin-off video – but quite a lot of it is.

In particular, guides and tutorials can generally be used to create a spin-off video almost painlessly.

How to Create a Spin-Off Video

Although most content writers have little or no experience creating videos, it really isn’t hard to create a good spin-off video.

All that you need is an easy-to-use yet powerful Windows 8 screen recorder such as Movavi Screen Capture Studio that can help smooth over the technical parts and let you create a basic yet appealing video.

Using screen capture you can then grab video footage directly from your screen.

Because Movavi Screen Capture Studio includes features that will let you edit, enhance and improve your video – you should be able to add a voiceover, background music, special effects, and customizable text with no problem.

By the time you’re done, you will have an attractive spin-off video that you can use to promote your blog content on social media and other platforms.

Considering it is so easy to create video content with Movavi Screen Capture Studio, you may even want to explore the option of creating some videos to publish directly on your blog.

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