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Hey gang – we’ve got another infographic submission from Kaylee White.

This one is a little different – it gets into Google Chrome browser extensions you can use to boost your personal productivity.

I still use Firefox as my main browser, but there are certainly some Chrome extensions I love, which is almost enough to make me want to switch.

In any case, here’s Kaylee to tell us about this infographic!

Everyone wants to find more time in the day—more time to get more work done, to spend more time with family and friends, even to find more time just to do nothing. But sometimes finding that time at work may seem the most daunting. It’s hard to balance demands to be organized, to be productive, to be efficient. Luckily and once again, the internet has come to the rescue.

The place to start is with extensions that you can use with Google Chrome. Extensions are simply built-in ways to help you manage and maximize functions. You don’t really have to “do” anything—the extensions do the work for you once you click on them.

Take saving items, including articles and videos; one-click extension Pocket can do that for you. How about cutting clutter by grouping all your tabs into one document (something everyone could probably use!): The OneTab extension does that.

Learn more about how extension work and which ones you need with this graphic.